DealsAhead Corp. provides you with a state of the art patent pending turn key mobile application to market your business. DealsAhead provides you with a clear line of communication to your current customers. Deals Ahead introduces the only cooperative business network allowing you to capitalize on new customers.


Local Reach

Alerts users with money saving deals on their mobile phones when they are near a storefront that is of interest to them.

Opt-in messaging system

Users set preferences on categories, location, prices of interested deals and get alerted only for those preferred deals.

Quick and easy deal setup

Merchants enter the deal campaigns directly .
No middlemen.


Connect with your customer base using our Turn-Key state of the art Mobile application

While the rest of your competitors are trying to swim in the froth of the social networks you can be generating new sales on your own turnkey private communications network. Direct to technology is ever evolving. Your busi ness marketing strategy has to evolve with it in order to remain competitive If you want to effectively reach out to your target market you need to access the most relevant and untapped forms of media. Your business needs to stand out from the crowd. The mobile device has not been capitalized on effectively. Mobile phones and tablets have become integral to a prospective clients life. 

Why use Deals Ahead


Advertises to customers within the immediate vicinity of your place of business by using a customers mobile device


DealsAhead Corp. provides easy to understand tracking for the number of customers who see your add and how customers use your add


Allow you, the business owner, to change marketing campaigns as often as you want giving you complete control and fluidity over your marketing campaign

You can utilize loss leader campaigns with restrictions on time and inventory sold

How much does it cost


No Minimum Monthly Payment
Set your Monthly limit


If you don't have time to upload your own advertisements please email or call and we will do the work for you. For assisted services we charge $10.00 per advertisement that is uploaded


$0.10 cents per advertisement sent to your customers mobile device

*Custom Plans Available*  


DEALSAHEAD Corp. provides you with the most fluid, most effective, most targeted marketing available in todays competitive marketplace. We use a customers mobile device to allow you to bring your products to interested buyers that are within minutes of your storefront. Bring your business into the future with us today. Simply register your business on our server and within minutes you can upload your first advertising campaign and start connecting directly with your customer.



Get started today and we will give you a 60 Day free trial!
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